Hiring the Perfect Personal Career Coach

In today’s times unemployment runs high among the masses. It is getting harder and harder to keep a job for too long. That is why you need to plan your career path very well. You can hire a personal career coach to help you out on this. A coach can help you clarify your goals, develop a feasible career plan, and support you while you act on your plan. He or she will also assist you in learning new skills that will give you an edge in your chosen field.

Hiring a personal career coach that can train you to become a better career woman or man is somewhat of a challenge. Not all career coaches are qualified to bring about positive change in your life. Here are some tips that will lead you to your coach.

You can always ask around for personal career coaches. May be your friends know some that can help you out. You can also access the internet and search in genuine sites. There is also the option to call human resource department of corporations and ask for reputable names of coaches you can consider.

When you have found possible candidates for your personal career coach, it is important that you start checking for their accreditation. Make sure they are accredited by the right agencies. Also you should check their references because it is better to be safe than sorry, since there are many con artists out there. Accreditation will help you figure out whether or not they qualified to meet your needs.

Interview at least 3 candidates for your personal career coach, before you pick one. In the interview you can ask them about their background, trainings and seminars they have undertaken, and about their plans to help you out. You can also tell how effective they can be as your coach through their body language and communication skills.

You will also want to get a coach that you can get along with. This is extremely important because you and your personal career coach will be spending lots of time with each other as you make your way to improve. You need to be comfortable with them and trust them as well, so that you can open up to them about your goals, wants, needs, and future plans.

When all those things are considered, you now have to think about your budget. You want a personal career coach that is not way over your budget. His or her rate will depend on the amount of experience, credentials, and success rates he or she has. There are coaches however that can work with you on this. You and your coach can work out a scheme that can help you out with your budget.