Learning SAP for Your Career Advancement

SAP Career Advice

Most of the people who take training are not aware of the actual job requirements. When you seek SAP career advice, you will understand the importance of a well-presented resume, highlighting your experience, technical skills, and areas of focus on SAP module.

Can you guarantee my job if I go by your advice?

We can highlight the skills and other training required to enter a career field. However, getting the job is always in your hands.

Can you guarantee me that you will do what I tell you? There is no guarantee for anything in life. But based on my experience and success, I will advise you to follow the right approach.

Why are you not giving the advice for Free?

If I give free advice, you will not listen to me. So it is better to charge. If you do not want to pay, you will find yourself in the same place and situation even after the passage of time.

Six Keys to your success in getting a job

1. Presenting the resume

An effective resume is the stepping stone to your career advancement and success. Your resume must effectively and clearly highlight your skills and specific tasks performed. A resume is actually writing in brief about your career and interests, clearly projecting your understanding of the subject.

2. Cracking the interview

Preparation to tackle tricky interview questions increases your chances of getting the job. Make a good first impression and appear comfortable enough to answer the interviewer’s questions. Prepare fully about your areas of interest and show your understanding of the concepts and keenness to learn further.

3. Highlighting SAP knowledge

While appearing in a SAP interview, show the interviewer your knowledge of the buzz words, such as integration testing, Unit Testing, Functional Specification, BPP (Business Process Procedure), so that they know that you have some experience of the field.

4. Speaking perfectly

Effective communication skills are needed in almost every field these days. No matter where you go, effective communication will transform you from an ordinary to extraordinary candidate. Let us get to the point – almost all the IT jobs will require English as a primary language. So you must master the language so that you are able to effectively communicate your point to the client as well as customer.

5. Talking to experts in the field

Find out some experts in the field so that they can guide you perfectly through the entire process. If you have a friend who is established in the field and willing to guide you, nothing better than that. Once you are aware of the job fundamentals, you can better focus on things required for the job. In an ABAP job, they may require you to write technical or Functional specifications. You need to understand the concepts before you can talk about them. In a functional job, they may want you to do a fit gap analysis between two different processes, or they may ask you to map out the transactions for a particular business process. So it is good to have a conversion with multiple people in the same field so that you can get varied opinion.

6. Finding a job

Job search is a daunting task, and you need to scan hundreds of jobs to find the one that best suits you. Warren buffet goes through 20,000 stocks before he picks one. If you want to be successful, you must apply for jobs daily, not merely in the weekends. At least apply for five jobs daily on social media sites, job sites, or newspaper. Do not sleep before you do that. Be patient, and you will be able to find the best one.