College Job Ideas

When you are in college, it can be a challenge to balance school, homework, and a job. Most college students do need to make money, and many times the long hours at work can interfere with your studying. Also on the down side, you will most likely have to pull evening and weekend shifts. What a drag. Here are some college job ideas that will help you to manage your school work, make some money and even have time left over for some sort of a social life.

One of the best ways that you can make money while going to college is by working online. Chances are you already own a laptop so why not put it to work. Some online jobs that you can do for extra money is:

  • Freelance writing for magazines – There are many different kinds of magazines that want articles and they will pay you to write them. Payment will vary, but some of them pay very well. The downside to this is that it may take several weeks or even months for you to get paid as your article will have to be approved and that could take awhile.
  • Writing articles for website owners – One of the most popular ways that website owners get traffic to their websites is by article marketing and having a lot of relevant content on their site. Many webmasters do not like to write articles or do not want to spend the time doing it, so they will pay freelancers to write articles for them. The pay varies here as well but if you can write a lot of articles, you can earn quite a bit of money by doing this.
  • Writing articles for article websites – There are also article websites that will pay you to write articles for their sites. You can also earn money by how many views your article gets. This is another avenue that you may want to look into.
  • Online surveys – This is a popular choice for many people that have an online job. Companies will pay you to take surveys about their products. The amount of money that you are paid per survey varies depending on the length of the survey. Some companies will pay from $5 – $50 for each survey taken.

These college job ideas will get you started making money while in school. The benefits to working online is that you can do the work when your schedule permits. This will enable you to have more time for your studying and other interests.